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The highest quality diamond rings in London

A touch of distinction

There are few gifts in this world that you can give better than a diamond ring. It's valuable, it's elegant, it's beautiful, it's full of meaning. Diamonds are extremely pure gems and it is no wonder they often top the ranks of preferred gemstones in jewellery and high level decorations. It is luxury's dearest baby and it instantly ups any look and any design. Diamonds are synonimous of high class beauty.

When polished, they reflect light with a merry glimmer, and yet you can see through them as transparent crystal. They look beautiful decorating earrings, necklaces, bracelets and, of course, rings. Diamond rings have become a symbol in themselves, a very precious gift or a sign of status and luxury. Every girl you know dreams to have at least one diamond ring to show in special occasions. 

You might want to buy a diamond ring for yourself and indulge in its shining beauty, or you might be thinking of an unforgettable gift that will last forever. High quality jewellery with diamonds is among the most distinguished presents you can offer. No wonder engagement rings are meant to have a decent size diamond to say the least. These pieces are used to show devotion, love and affection towards our significant other. Just ast a polished diamond that cannot be scratched or cracked, and will never loose its beauty, so will our love last forever shining under the sun and the moon.

The best places to buy diamond rings

As all valuable things you can buy, diamonds aren't cheap. They would loose their meaning and their importance if they were. However, that doesn't mean they are all far from your reach. Different jewellry houses work with a range of prices and some of them are quite accessible for the every man without losing quality. Here is a selection of the best shops where you can buy nicely finished diamond rings without having to sell half your estate or pay back a loan for the next two hundred years.

London Jewellery

Rated 4.82 out of 5 by Trusted Shops and one of the oldest and more reliable in London, London Jewllery has always been a classic for buying diamond rings both in the UK and abroad. With shops in over 100 countries all over the world, this huge and very traditional company only works with the best gemstones and precious metals, and specialises in diamond rings and pieces for both men and women. When you shop at London Jewellery, you are sure to find great items of the best quality materials and design, but for a price that you can afford to pay.


Liberty London is an understatement for quality shopping, and one of its many departments is, of course, jewellery. The range of products here is just amazing. You will find designer pieces with diamonds and other beautiful gemstones, from the most traditional solitaires and monogram jewells to avant garde designer pieces, including some exclusive rings made especially for this store.


For a more personal touch, Daisy is a great option to buy diamond rings as well as other sorts of jewellery. What we love the most about Daisy is their stylish and sweet dedication to making the best presents, with beautiful packaging and the highest attention to detail. All products you'll buy from Daisy will have that special touch that will make them look special in any occasion.

Find other diamond ring sellers

If you are attentive to the detail or just want to find the perfect diamond ring, then you might want to shop around a bit and see different options. Of course, we cannot cover all good ring stores here, or else this article would be endless. There are so many good places in London and its surroundings. Each one of them specialises in a different sort of ring or diamond piece, they all shine their own way. If you want to make sure you find the perfect ring for your purpose, you will want to see what other shops are at hand.

The best solution in these cases is of course a reliable directory that focuses on diamond ring stores. We say reliable because some directories happen to suggest stores not based on their true quality or price reasonability but on how much each store pays for a placement. We suggest you look for your diamond ring shop at Hatton Garden, an amazing directory aimed at this sort of manufacturer. You can search by categories and find the best diamond ring you can get!

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