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Phone directories in the Internet

Phone directories have existed ever since phone lines were massively introduced among the population, including businesses and organizations as well as private homes. The need of a phone directory is understabdable; people need to access the contact information of those they want to reach. You can get the phone number of a company or institution through leaflets or any other form of advertising, but in most cases you will have to recur to a phone guide or directory, especially if you are looking for that sort of business of the fist time.

When the online world became populated, companies and institutions would have their own websites where they can disclose information, including contact number, post address and/or e-mail address. However, not all of them do so. Phone numbers are usually the hardest to find, because companies would rather disclose their e-mail, or sometimes not even that. What we usually find instead is an obscure contact form which gives us little to no control on our attempt to reach the company. Once we press the Send button, what happens to our message is a mistery: where does it go? Are they going to answer? If they don’t, does it make sense to complain through the same channel - which happens to be the only channel available?

We often prefer to have a company’s phone number because the communication is more direct. We make our exchange in real time and get things solved right away - or at least, that’s what we should get. Yet it is remarkably hard to find a phone number sometimes, but why?

The problem of accessing contact numbers

Finding the right number can be very challenging as you see. And even when you do, sometimes you don’t get what you wanted anyway. Why? Because you are provided with a customer support contact number which often leads to a pre-recorded voice or some people who cannot really solve your problem. You get passed on from one operator to another, or just don’t get the answer that you need. And the reason is simple: these front line operators sometimes don’t really have power to change things or find out information, they’re just that, the front desk. If you want something to change or a message to reach someone who can actually do something about it, you will need the phone number of somebody in a higher level. Maybe a manager or high level assistant. 

Phone numbers specific for departments and offices are very hard to find, and directories which provide them are the most valuable of all, because those are resources that can actually serve their purpose and help you get what you want. So, sometimes, companies and institutions disclose their contact numbers... but not really.

Useful services

We have selected four very useful contact services and directories that can help you access to useful phone numbers of companies and organizations. It isn’t uncommon that you want to get contact data but you don’t really know where to look. General directories might not have what you are looking for. Here are four directories that will be of use to you sooner or later.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders

If you want to publish a book or article, or know someone who does, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) is something you need to reach. Their website has a directory where you can find listings of certified professionals in the world of publishing.

Phone Numbers Helpline

This is a great business directory with plenty of valid listings in the UK. They constantly keep their contact data up to date, and they make a special effort to provide contact numbers to specific deparments and desks, and not just a generic front desk contact number that might not always be of use.

Civil Mediation

Whether you want it or not, chances are that you will need civil mediation services sooner or later in your life. You can contact the department of justice and get contact information for certified civil mediations. As this is a government site, all professionals listed are highly reliable. You should always keep the civil mediation directory handy in case you need legal assistance or some sort of civil mediation should a problem arise.

The Volunteering Directory

Do you want to volunteer to a cause but you don’t know where to offer your help? This very useful directory lists places, organizations and charities where you can do exactly that. The Volunteering Directory is perfect for finding the right environment where to lend a hand to those who need it.

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